5 Melanoma Facts Which You Must Know

It is widely known that melanoma is the deadliest of skin cancers. However, people are still not well familiar with important facts about this condition. At the same time, this information is extremely valuable and may help to save lives. Get better informed now so that you can start taking better measures for protection without delay.

It is among the most common types of cancer in young people.

Melanoma typically holds the first or second place in the national charts for the most widely spread types of cancer in the age group from 15 to 39. It is also among the deadliest types affecting young people. Given this, young people as well as older adults need to take adequate measures for prevention including regular mole checks.

Frequent sunbed use increases the risk of melanoma.

The regular use of sunbeds, typically more than 10 times a year, can increase the risk of developing this type of skin cancer by as much as 74%. This is because the UV radiation produced by these facilities penetrates the skin much more deeply compared to the rates of the sun. As a result, it causes greater damage to the skin cells. Your best bet is to stay away from sunbeds.

Clothing does not offer full protection from the sun’s UV rays which cause skin cell damage.

It is true that clothes made from light tightly woven fabrics in light colours provide some protection, but it is not complete. That is why your best bet is to seek the shade between 11 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. If this is not always possible, you should apply sunscreen even on areas of the skin which are covered by clothing. Just let the cream or lotion get fully absorbed before you put your clothes on.

Cancerous growths can appear anywhere on the skin.

It is a huge misconception that melanoma can develop only on the parts of the body which are most exposed to the sun’s radiation. Cancerous growths can appear on the inner side of the thighs, on the buttocks, on the genitals and on the soles of the feet even though they are usually found on the back and the front part of the legs. When you perform a self-exam, you must check every inch of your body.

Malignant growths resemble closely common moles.

This is the main reason why they may go unnoticed for a fairly long time. You should keep a close eye on your skin and on any new growths, especially if they develop quickly. You must get frequent mole checks performed by a dermatologist as well.

Take all necessary measures to lower your risk of melanoma.

Source by Celine Potrov

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