A Tribute to Dads – Parenting Tips

Dads spend their lives thinking about their families. They slog hard at work so that they can bring home the bacon. They allow their own preferences to play second fiddle to others at home. And they routinely forgo their own happiness to bring a smile on the lips of their children.

In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson declared Father’s Day a holiday, to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Father’s day presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate fatherhood. It’s a day to reflect back on the special, if often unacknowledged, role dads play in our lives. It’s a time to remember the innumerable sacrifices fathers make for us, and repay them by saying those simple words dads love to hear, “Thanks dad, I love you.”

Here are some great ideas to help you celebrate Father’s Day:

1. Dad doesn’t have to wait for his next birthday to feel special. If there is a shirt, a watch or season tickets to a game that dad has wanted to buy for a long time but just never had the time for, let him know you took the time to care.

2. Dads may not be sentimental around the house but they love to display their Father’s Day cards at work with pride. Give your dad a card. If you have the time, you can even make your own card, letting dad know how much you love him.

3. Spend some quality time with your dad. Make the day a special family occasion by watching a movie together or playing some of his favorite music.

4. Treat your dad to dinner at a fine restaurant. Better still; surprise him by cooking up his favorite dish at home. (If you don’t cook, order out from his favorite restaurant and have a quiet intimate evening with dad.)

5. Get your dad a Father’s Day gift that is personal and which expresses the measure of your love for him. Buy gifts for dad. Give something you know your dad will love and use often. This way, your dad will remember you every time he uses the gift.
Above all, remember, it’s not the gift, as much as the thought behind it that counts—especially, with dads.

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Source by Paul Banas

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