An Appealing Investment Banking Training a Sure Guarantee of High Paying Job

With the rise of large number of corporate firms rising there is a further rise seen in students opting for investment banking courses. Career in investment banking is seen as lucrative and exclusive in the finance industry. Sign of a successful employ would be one who has vast knowledge, strong research acumen and analytical skills. Further the investment banker needs to show complete devotion towards long working hours as the responsibility with the position is large. There are numerous task associated with the role and depends largely on the position of the employee in the firm. Key functions include corporate financing, trade analysis and research analysis. For securing an entry level position a student needs to have a background of accounts, finance or economics. However, there are numerous other degrees such as PG diploma in banking and Finance which can make the entry smooth and easy if the candidate has the best knowledge as well as good resume.

Specific other banking courses such as in statistics, investments, business communication and networking can also make the chance of the candidate to secure the position better. There are large number of reputed coaching centres and institutes in the country which offer training to willing candidates. The banking examination is conducted each year by the national authorities. Preparation level curriculum includes multiple level questions which test the candidate’s level in mathematical calculations, general trends of the market and other related subjects. Online training is on method and preferred by large number of students. The benefit is that the student does not have to gather large number of study material.

There are numerous short term courses in India offered by various universities and institutes. Post-graduation degree in advance financial planning and wealth management which is one year program meets with the global standard and can guarantee a job in banking sector. One year investment banking program can secure a job in the corporate banking market. Further, it has been seen that many bank employees opt for the course to advance their career chart.

Institute of Banking and finance courses offered by these institutes further guarantee 100% placement after course and training opportunities to the candidates. The benefit of such training programs is that they enable the students to understand the working and networking principles of the firm. Working as a junior assistant a student can gather large information and skills which can work beneficially in shaping the career. Talking about the pay scale which comes later on regular working is large. An investment banker can make anything between 70,000 INR and additional bonuses at the starting level. The increase in the income is seen in each year as the responsibilities associated with the position are large. These courses really a job oriented courses in India for students.

However, the entry to any of the post graduate would require the student to have about 50% of marks in the graduation. Further the student is required to have high analytical, mathematical skills. Students who wish to opt for these courses can access the information available on the websites of the institutes. At the end, it can be just said that a course in investment banking can smooth the ride of job search in bank industry.

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