Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most simplest and original form of life insurance, it has the cheapest premium because it provides no cash value to the buyer, and there will be no saving or refund of premium. This is fair enough because this policy is designed solely for life protection, and very inexpensive premium is required.

As the name implies, term life insurance insures the buyer a specific term of his or her life only, once that term is expired; the buyer has the option to renew the policy at an increased premium or discontinue or purchase a new policy. This is much recommended to those who can’t afford expensive premium but need big coverage, especially a bread-winner with many children to support and those who find expensive premium is a burden.

Annual renewable term life insurance

The word annual means one year, thus explains the meaning of the policy. The term of an annual renewable term life insurance is one year, the death benefit is payable to the beneficiary if the insured dies within the one year period, there will be no compensation if the insured dies even one day after the expiration of the policy.

In reality very few people will purchase this policy because a person who purchased it will die in the period of one year is rare case. Anyone bought this policy contracted a critical illness during the term but survives until the end of the expiration, he will receive no compensation, but because of the illness he will be considered as uninsurable and unable to renew the policy.

So term life insurance policies has solution for this problem, they have included a condition called re-insurability, as well as the buyer included this feature in his term life policy, he will be able to renew his insurance for as long as he wishes, without the necessity of providing proof of insurability. So the buyers need not worry they purchased an annual renewable term life insurance but the policy will be terminated upon expiration.

If any buyer contracted a critical illness he is considered uninsurable, but if he has re-insurability included to his Annual Renewable Term he is able to continue the policy. Annual Renewable Term has the similarity as the one year term life insurance, and the policy will be able to continue each year for a given period of time, from 10 years to 30 years or more.

Anyone who purchased this type of policy can renew the policy but at a higher premium, as long as he keeps on paying premiums to keep his policy in force, the death benefit would still remain.   

Anyone who is interested to purchase this type of policy is advised to find out the calculation of the increased premium each year, and consider whether if the policy is suitable for him. So log on to annual renewable term life or affordable life insurance policy, please visit us at 

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