Anxiety and Stress Symptoms – Could it Be Over Money and Finance?

Anxiety and stress symptoms over Money and finance can at times be overwhelming — especially those who don’t have a fixed income, e.g. self employed, but also for many who do. Stress and anxiety levels over money can easily escalate to cause most of the usual symptoms of anxiety prevalent in other recognised forms of anxiety disorder. It has both surprised and perplexed me that money as an issue in itself is not recognised as a major factor in stress and anxiety. Neither is it given due consideration along with other forms of anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety, social anxiety, anxiety over phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, et cetera.

From personal experience, there was an almost two year period in which my life was plagued with symptoms of anxiety due to the anxiety and stress symptoms I was experiencing over money issues. If I had needed to approach the UK National Health organisation for help, I would have been offered only basic assistance directing me toward debt counselling agencies, to which and I had already gone myself. There is no specific counselling available that gets below the surface to reach those issues really being faced with anxiety and stress symptoms related to money.

Fortunately, with my life coaching experience I was able to get to the root for myself, and even wrote an ebook that I now distribute to help other sufferers.

When considering the lack of specific help regarding  anxiety and stress through public healthcare channels, it crossed my mind that anyone working in that sector would not personally relate to having ‘no fixed income‘, therefore could find difficulty empathising. On further reflection, I don’t think this is the root of the problem. Having spoken to one or two counsellors, I realised they actually have their own issues around money, are also inclined toward stress and anxiety, but seemed hesitant to talk about it.

I wonder is it possible that many more people than we realise actually have misgivings about money and avoid talking about it? Is it also possible that many of us fear that impending sense of ‘not having enough’, (which fear is at the root of all anxiety and stress symptoms – money or otherwise), and tend to run from it? Food for thought!

Source by Steve Slimm

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