Approval of Osimertinib and Necitumumab Increases Lung Cancer Treatment Options

The FDA has approved two targeted therapies, osimertinib (Tagrisso™) and necitumumab (Portrazza™), for the treatment of some patients with advanced...

Three New Therapies Approved for Multiple Myeloma

In November 2015, the FDA approved three new therapies for patients with multiple myeloma. Source link

How Changing Your Mindset Can Help You to Reduce Your Blood Pressure in a Sustainable Way After 40

As you get older a combination of hormonal changes like the reduction in growth hormone level and the build up...

Genome Study Links Misfolded DNA to Brain Tumors

Changes in the packaging of DNA in the cell nucleus may activate growth-promoting genes that cause cancer. Source link

Driving New Approaches to Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

Researchers are pioneering new approaches to preventing and screening for cancer, and the management of very early-stage disease. Source link

Hepatitis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver resulting in damage and destruction of the liver cells. Hepatitis can be either acute...

Abdominal Pains Caused By Pancreatic Cysts

Abdominal pains can also arise when you have got large pancreatic cysts. They may even become visible to you when...

Two Drugs Show Efficacy against Common Form of Leukemia

Reports from early-stage trials of two new oral drugs provide hope for patients with high-risk chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Source link

Information About Enfisema Pulmonar

Enfisema Pulmonar is one of many types of lung diseases known as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, or COPD. These COPDs...