Budget Planning Based On Your Desired Lifestyle

Budget planning usually starts with an individual or family looking at what money is coming in and then allocating it to various expenses they may current have. This is certainly a good way to go about it, but here is another method that might give you some freedom you never thought was possible. First you start by identifying the important things in life to you. If you like to travel for instance, you should have that as a prominent item in your lifestyle budget. If you have always wanted a fancy sports car, that should be in your budget as well. The difference in how you will do this is that you need to identify the monthly cost of each of these items. And, most importantly you need to rate how important each item is to getting you closer to actually doing and having the most meaningful things in your life…as you define that. Interestingly many people will realize that items they previously thought were “non-negotiable” are very easy to compromise on. If it is important to you to see a new country in Europe each year for a month, you may reconsider the expense level of your housing or a country club membership. This type of budget planning is designed to make sure you do not get to the end of your life without seriously having a chance to accomplish and do the things that truly make you happy. All too often people postpone these big desires to the final chapter in their lives, only to be unable to achieve them for any number of reasons. Time is your enemy in this regard and you need to take control over it to the degree that you can. The next time you sit down to some budget planning, think about what you would like to really accomplish in your life before you budget the most irreplaceable asset you have…time. For more details: www.thepersonalbanker.com

Source by Cheryl Marland

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