Cancer 2015 Horoscope

Career and Money

You've been experiencing huge changes in your work and career, but you may still be exploring what works and what does not. Keep following what you love. Do not discount it and say that you can not make a living from doing what you love, find a way to make it into a business. You can do it. You are not someone who gives up, it could just mean that you need to do some fine-tuning to make it work.

Your career will still be in a state of flux. If you work for someone else, your position may not be secure. Either the company is going through a restructuring process that means your job is at risk, or you are dissatisfied with the company anyway. You may feel restless but make sure you are still doing a good job and that you do not get into any trouble over the quality of your work.

If you work for yourself, this is a good time to add a new product or service or to creatively change some aspect of the business to draw new customers.

Keep in mind that with Uranus still active until 2019, events are going to happen suddenly without warning in your work. Try to configure a Plan B and a Plan C so that you are not covered by surprise without other options at your disposal. If you are convinced you have a good idea and there are some obstacles in your way, do not give up. Keep on going and do not allow yourself to be diverted from your goal. If you believe in it, you will succeed anyway.

Focus on your creative abilities because they will be strong this year. Use your creative energies for your marketing – either your own business or yourself to a prospective employer. Anything in the artistic field eg musician, entertainer, actor, artist, astrologer, counseler, coach, gardening, cooking, sculpting, or anything at all creative has a great chance of success this year.

The best time for business and professional activities is from January 11th until February 19th and again from November 15th until December 11th.

The most important times for business decisions that can affect your career are most likely between June 18th and August 9th. This could be a time of great recognition and success in your field.

Relationships and Love

This area of ​​your life is undergoing great changes. What do you really want in a relationship? It's likely that what you were looking for a few years ago is completely different now because you have changed so much, especially internally and emotionally.

It's very important to get clear about what you really want from a relationship. What are you willing to compromise? What are you not willing to compromise? What is a deal-breaker? What can you live with and what can you not tolerate? These are very deep questions that require a great deal of reflection and thought. Give yourself the space and time to get clear.

Maybe you like the idea of ​​a relationship rather than the actuality of it? Perhaps you are quite happy with your own space and you do not want to be answerable to someone else. Perhaps you would benefit from a long-distance relationship where you can have all the space you like and the romance of getting together with someone from time to time?

These are all important questions to ask yourself before you jump into a new relationship this year.

It's likely that people will come in and out of your life this year. You could get into a very exciting new relationship very quickly and think that you are with your soul mate. However, just a month or two later you may wonder what you saw in that person. Try to go slowly and you will not risk being devastated.

There is a strong possibility of finding love and intimacy this year and even finding your soul mate.

It's a great year to travel to romantic destinations especially those near to the sea or a large body of water. It's a good year for entertainment and anything artistic. So if you want to meet new people, go to cultural and artistic events where you can meet these interesting people. Make sure you get out and about and you are not only focused on your work and your finances. This is a good time for meeting someone special – it could be a love relationship or it could be a wonderful friendship.

Your best times for love and romance are from January 25th until February 21st, May 7th until June 11th and December 5th until December 31st.

Source by Barbara Goldsmith

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