Celebrate your retirement with the perfect retirement invitations and great party ideas

A retirement isn’t just the end of a career; it’s also the beginning of a new phase of the retiree’s. No more traffic jams on the way to work and no more late hours at the office make this one of the best times of the retiree’s life. Celebrate the new beginning, not the end and you’re set up for a great retirement party.

Retirement party invitations can range from the stoic corporate invitations to fun and whimsical, depending on your and the guests of honor’s personal tastes. One thing is for sure; this is a momentous milestone and a retirement invitation should be nothing short of fantastic. There won’t be another celebration like this, so spare no expense when it comes to retirement invitations.

Your corporate retirement party is meant to honor your years of service with the company. From the corporate invitations to the speeches, you can count on a pretty tame evening

If you’re planning a social retirement party with family and friends, you can inject a little more fun and personality into the party. Pick a theme that is an interest or hobby of the retiree. If the guest of honor is planning on spending their days on the links, opt for a golf theme. If the retiree loves to travel and will spend their retirement jet setting, then an international party theme is in order. There are limitless options, just ask the guest of honor for some hints.

For a true twist on retirement themes pick ‘baby announcements’ for retirement invitations. Since this is a new beginning, treating the retiree like a new ‘person’ is a funny and unique way to celebrate their retirement. Too often, retirement is seen as an ‘end’ so this can be a great way to mark the new beginning for retiree and guests.

Games and activities
Highlight the great career and accomplishments of the retiree with trivia and photo games. ‘Career trivia,’ guessing dates and years, names of co-workers, etc. can be a fun trip down memory lance. Or gather some photos and see if you can get guests to guess the year. Everyone loves to have a look at old photos and guessing the year can be a fun way to get everyone involved.

Another fun retirement activity is a roast. A roast consists of guests gently poking fun at the guest of honor as a way of both honoring their achievement and having a laugh. While this can be funny and endearing if done right, it demands that both guests and retiree have a great sense of humor. A roast probably won’t work for a corporate event, but can be great fun for friends and family.

‘Over the hill’ games can be fun, too. But just make sure everyone remembers to bring their sense of humor. If you can keep the ribbing on the light side, there won’t be any hurt feelings.

Take great care to make your next retirement a memorable and special occasion. This milestone only comes once in a lifetime and should be treated as a great cause for celebration. And keep in mind, retirement is not the end, but a new beginning, too.

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