Certified Financial Planner- How to find the best one

To make sure that your financial demands are met, you have to find a certified financial planner qualified for the job. So, how do you find the right one?

First step is to look into his or her educational background and credentials. You have to make sure that he or she has the capacity to meet all of your standards and qualifications. Why? Because a sound investment guide will be beneficial to you in the end so find someone you can entrust your financial future with. During the interview, ask for licenses, academic qualifications and designations.

Another important step is to look into any criminal or administrative sanction he or she might have gotten in the past in relation to his work. This is important to find out if this certified financial planner has integrity and good reputation when it comes to their respective careers. Demand for a copy of their Form ADV Part II. Licenses and proven track record are evidences of hard work and credibility of the financial planner.

Experience dictates a vast difference when it comes to financial planning. A certified financial planners experience is very crucial. Find out the areas of specialization ne or she specializes in. Bear in mind that not all financial planners are equipped with the same set of qualifications. Some may specialize n retirement financial planning while others in real estate. Make sure you find the right financial planner for you.

In line with the certified financial planners’ experience, ask if how long they have been in the business. You can also inquire with their clientele and the history of their work, how satisfied is their clients and other information that can help assess his or her qualification for the job.

You will also need to find out how much a certified financial planner charges. It is important to know if you can afford their fees. Most planners work on a commission basis, fee-only basis or based on a salary. They can also charge by the hour or by percentage of the overall assets that they manage for you.

It is also crucial for you to find a certified financial planner that you can trust and be comfortable with. After all, you will be entrusting not only your financial future but your other assets as well. There are a lot of financial professionals out there who might be qualified academically, but finding someone with work ethics can be very helpful for you. It can put you at ease knowing that your investments are safe.

You can also ask your colleagues, family members and friends of any referrals or financial planning agencies that they may know about. There are also online financial planning sites and listings of certified financial planners for every state. Most of all, you can trust your gut feel on whom to choose. Building a good relationship with your financial planner is very important since you will be working together to achieve a satisfying financial goal. After all, it is your money, your assets, your future and life on the line so choose wisely.

Source by Chris Carter

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