Challanges for a Stay at Home Dad when Raising a Child

Making the choice of a stay at home dad is a powerful choice. Life is all about making the personal choices, & we are presented with a number of paths to choose from. When you move away from the norms of society, the world will look at you in a different light all together.

The true reality is that there is no right & wrong path in this world but the path we partake. So, you’re a stay-at-home-dad! Welcome to your new journey. This is a tough path to take when the majority only consider focusing on their professional careers. Don’t get me wrong, being a dad is a career path in itself. You have chosen to build a new life and give your young one the opportunity to become a wholesome person. The kind of person that makes a big difference in the world.

Challenges of being a Stay at Home Dad

There are a number of challenges that life will throw at you when you begin your walking the path of a stay at home dad. You have to deal with your own emotional state to become the ideal father for your child.

Let’s remember the basics of being a father – you are your child’s hero, a pillar of support, a guide, a mentor. To become the very embodiment of strength, you have to overcome your own weaknesses that stop you from transforming into the world’s greatest dad!

Challenge no. 1 – Isolation

This is one of the biggest mental battles that a father has to fight when they enter the world of fatherhood. You’re now completely focused on your child, and now cut off from the world. You have a lot going on as a father, and you have to see a number of things to keep your child out of harm’s way. Make a mental image of yourself, and stay focused. You’re the greatest version of yourself, the hero for your child. Distract yourself when you get into a rut. Take some time out of your busy schedule, and get a reliable baby sitter to take some time off.

Challenge no. 2 – Switching careers

You spent a majority of your life striving to achieve a career goal, but it all changed when your child came into your life. You took a complete u-turn and gave up many other opportunities life had to offer you. You could have been a great career driven professional, the center of your field. The through creeps in eventually, “What if?” You end up asking yourself, “Did I make the right choice?” When you ask yourself this question, look at your achievements as a father. All the effort you put into your child & the happiness it has brought into the life of your child. You will know in an instant, it was all worth it.

Challenge no. 3 – Society

The way society looks at you changes when you take such a big step. There will be many people who will ask you about your life choices. Rather than letting the world bog you down, you have to keep that happy through in your mind – I am doing it for my kid. At the end of the day, people will have their own views and mindsets. They have their own life choices, and your path is different. Stick to it like the hero of a father you are!

Challenge no. 4 – Money

When you are a single stay at home dad, money can become a big problem if you haven’t planned ahead. You will have to make many compromises for your child. You need to find single father support groups where people like you get together to find ways to raise their kids on their own. Solutions will come from your on locality. Find the right people within your community to find emotional as well as financial support. The plan will come together on its own. Don’t give up even if you haven’t planned ahead before jumping in.

Challenge no. 5 – Life Partner

If you have found a partner to spend your life with as a stay at home dad then there are new challenges you will face. When you bring in a new person into your life then you will have to deal with their desired as well. How do you fit into their plan? Compromise has to be made at some level and basic understanding is necessary for a lasting relationship. Find a common path to avoid tension and find happiness.

Challenge no. 6 – Keeping a pet

Many parents out there will suggest that you have a pet when your child is old enough to avoid allergies. There are different studies around the world that give different results. Some reports say that children tend to be happier with pets around and they are less likely to be stricken with allergies. You have to remember a basic fact that when you bring in a pet into your home, then you have another child to deal with. They become a part of your family, and you have to take care of them all the time unlike children who can take care of themselves when they grow up.

Just ask yourself, “Are you ready for the challenge?”

Source by Tarun Chaudhry

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