Chandler Divorce Lawyer- Moving Out and Dealing With Affairs in Divorce

When going through a divorce moving out always comes up and at times you may also be dealing with an affair. Do you know why you need all the information before you or your spouse moves out? In this article we tell you why.

I always suggest is don’t move out of your house until you’ve spoken with an attorney. There are so many issues that can arise if you move out. For example, someone could move out who may be entitled to spousal maintenance but because they’ve moved out, the court will determine that they don’t need the spousal maintenance.

Another issue could be that you moved out and continued to pay your spouse who resides in the home. As a result they may be entitled to spousal maintenance. The financial issues aside, the court’s concerned that you may have left your children behind by moving out of the house. And your ex-spouse may have a good argument there as to what type of visitation you should receive as a result.

So before you ever move out, talk to an attorney. Make some plans about this. That’s really what’s most important before you even think about getting a divorce.

Now, of course, I set all that aside if there’s violence. Definitely protect yourself and protect your children if there is any type of violence. Then talk to an attorney about maybe a restraining order and your own safety at that point.

If you’ve been involved in an extra-marital affair, talk to a lawyer before you discuss this with anyone including your spouse. I always say honesty is the best policy but not necessarily when it comes to extra-marital affairs. They can be costly.

The court doesn’t believe that extra-marital affairs are illegal in Arizona. Also the court will not judge you as a result. But the financial decisions you make concerning that extra-marital affair can cost you. Your cost can pursue you for what Arizona refers to as “Community Waste.” This means the money that you may have spent on your affair was wasted money that should have gone to the community and didn’t. As a result, your spouse can get those monies back.

So be very careful with that information. Talk to an attorney first. Do some planning before you announce that type of information.

Source by Christy Thompson

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