Choosing Alternatives To Toxic Skincare

If you are using a simple over the counter facial moisturizer you may actually be doing your skin a major disservice. Not only, do many brand name products contain harmful chemicals called Parabens, but should really be considered toxic. Parabens are chemical compounds that are widely used to preserve cosmetics and sometimes they appear as food additives as well.

The safety of these chemicals are highly questionable and some research suggests that Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen, which has been known to be a major component in increasing breast cancer risk. Personally, it is a wonder why so many consumers take that risk. Many people are simply ill-informed about parabens and the incredible amount of toxic skincare products on the market today.

If you are a concerned consumer, it is best to just avoid products that contain parabens. When looking for better natural choices, a simple search of the internet can lead you in the right direction. Not only do these products do what they purport to do, but they are not harmful in the process. Some wholesome ingredients that can be found in many of these alternative skincare products are derived straight from nature. Some beneficial natural skincare ingredients are grapeseed oil, natural vitamin E, babassu oil, and Japanese sea kelp (phytessence wakame), just to name a few.

By refusing to support toxic skincare you are not only making a statement to the companies producing them, but you are protecting your skin from harmful chemicals as well. If you are interested in learning more about some excellent skincare alternatives great resource is my website … check it out today!

Source by Tasha D. Crowell

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