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Pathhers and fatherhood has been nearly wiped off the cultural canvas at this point by decades of virulent feminism and the result has been ruined, from the myriad statistics involving gangs, violent crime by teens, drug trafficking by teens, property crimes by teens and on to The proliferation of single mothers and now the most perverse concept, right up there with genetic hybrid animals or the pedophile books Amazon sells: the concept that having a baby is a terrific and fun right of passage, but that getting married is too big a responsibility To be entered into.

This concept has been encountered by myself on several occasions over the past few years and it is simply stunning. The notice that raising a child to become a helpful, responsible and contributing member of society is really no big deal, instead of the sign of adulthood that getting pregnant pregnations (oh good, your reproductive organs work, such a credit to you …) And the elevation of status to being a "mom" becoming a kind of biological trophy or sort of "trophy" betrays the underlying lack of basic education. An almost deliberately retarded – in the strongest sense of the term – muddling of the concept of parenthood into a type of victory lap around the track of societal entitlements and poverty class social standing should be a jarring, sickening thing to witness by everyone. Getting a man to knock you up and then forcing him out of the family and away from his child is the current state of many single mom's minds and is downright insane – the future can only spiral out of control after such moves.

Single mothers who do not have the ability to value common sense thinking and can not foresee the inevitable and awful void of no opportunity, no enrichment, no future and no education that this derelict behavior of certainly fatherless child making marriages upon them and their child (ren ) Within 12 to 14 years after birth simply have no business having children. Sometimes that's harsh but then so is the squalor of national crime and poverty that any parole officer can tell you all about that comes right out of this type of situation.

What is more, the world really needs needs FATHERS to return to the family table. It takes two to make the child and it sure as heck takes two to raise the child for while mothers provide the nurturing care and first education (hopefully) of the child, fathers play an equally critical and irreplaceable role of backing up the mother, showing The child what male behavior should be and even what male virtues are (yes, there is very much such a thing as male virtues just as certainly as there are the female virtues everyone seess obsessed with at all costs nowdays) because with out both female AND Male, yin AND yang, nurturing AND strength, the family unit is just not complete. We can spend all day or a thousand years arguing this in PC-land but the adult thing to do is acknowledge that this is how nature is expected to work for homo sapiens 95% + of the time and to promote or allow a widespread, poorly Conceived and ignoreant in form departure from this is a suicidal joke.

The current status of nearly 50% of all families being supervised of single mothers and in some quarters having 70% + of all children under 10 raised by single moms is simply unsustainable, and quite frankly not in the best interests of children or society. Having children marvel at a man wearing a wedding band and being married to a woman as some sort of miraculous unique thing is simply an unacceptable and fundamentally dangerous way to run society.

To be honest I do not think anyone should have a child without being married. Yes, divorces are really needed in some cases and yes, one or more parents do die, but NO, 70% of children under age 10 being raised by single moms is not an OK statistic either and it is going to be much harder on societal Health than any abusive parent or untimely death ever was. Please, single moms who have never been married but have multiple kids, stop it – for all our sakes.

Source by Matthew Reinschmidt

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