End Of Life Celebration

Living funerals, or end of life celebrations are a way of saying goodbye, for someone who knows they will soon die.

Usually held by people who have a terminal illness, they allow the sick person to celebrate their life with people they care about, thank them and pay tribute. An end of life celebration also gives an opportunity to read a will and explain the decisions made about bequests, if deemed necessary.

While it may sound like a macabre idea, a living funeral is, in fact more of a party or celebration.

It is a chance for family and friends to gather together, perhaps in a place that holds special memories for the sick person, and they can share memories and stories, music and laughter in a more relaxed way than can often be done at a funeral. If the sick person played golf for years at a certain club or drank in a particular pub, these are the kind of places where it would be appropriate to gather old friends, colleagues or team-mates for a farewell celebration.

It can give great comfort to someone who is dying to be able to say goodbye to the people who played a part in their life. It is also important for the person to see how many people love them, and hear friends and relatives talk about what they have meant to their lives.

If you know someone who is terminally ill, planning an end of life celebration for them and ensuring the people who matter are present can be a valuable gift for them to treasure.

One thing you can do is have a guest book at the event, so everyone present can write a message for the person who is dying. They will then have the opportunity to read those messages over the next few days or weeks – something that will give them great comfort.

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