Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer editing services?
We do on a case by case basis.  If you are in need of professional editing of your manuscript, you may Request a Quote below:

Once my eBook is ready to be published, how long does it take to add to your store?
Usually, one of our Client Author’s eBook is published within one business day!

How is GuidingLightBooks.com® different than making my titles available through other similar Publishing Services?

GuidingLightBooks.com® is unique because it’s an exclusive relationship. GuidingLightBooks.com® acts as your official vendor, handling inventory management and relationships with resellers across the industry, including A/R management. On a case by case basis, we offer customization to meet your publishing needs, many publishers offer one size to fit all.  Our boutique publishing company offers the flexibility many want and deserve.

What is the difference between Full Service Distribution and Logistics Distribution?

Full Service Distribution provides comprehensive back-end support that includes warehousing, order fulfillment, billing and collection, customer service and the option of sales support. Publishers who want to maintain control of their sales, marketing and accounting can partner with GuidingLightBooks.com® for logistics services and on case by case basis; including warehousing, print on demand, and optional e-book distribution.

What are your fees for distribution and sales services?

Fees vary based on each publisher’s unique needs. Full Service Distribution fees are typically charged as a percent of net revenue (net of discount and returns.) Logistics service fees are determined by activity, either per item or per service, and are outlined in a schedule of fees. To get a quote, contact us.

I already have distribution. Can I just get sales representation?

Sales representation can be made available as part of our full-service distribution program.  Ask to speak with one of our Leadership Authors.

I just wrote my first book. Can I get it distributed through Ingram Publisher Services?

For your first book, we recommend adding your title to GuidingLightBooks.com® -publishing platform. With GuidingLightBooks.com® we can help to make your book available in print and electronic formats to other  retailers, e-retailers and libraries around the globe. To learn more, and get started, fill out the Request Contact Form and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs.

Do you offer digital distribution?

Yes, digital distribution is available through GuidingLightBooks.com®, a fast growing, soon to be industry leading digital asset management and distribution platform. With GuidingLightBooks.com®, your e-books can be made available to over one hundred e-retailers and libraries across the globe, including Amazon, Apple, and others. These services are available as a stand-alone option, or can be integrated with our print distribution programs. Learn more about Ingram’s digital distribution options.

Do you offer offset printing?

GuidingLightBooks.com® works with partners printing facilities to evaluate offset printing needs and find the best solution.

What accounts do you distribute to?

With GuidingLightBooks.com® your titles can be made available to a wide distribution network across the industry.  Depending on your Title: Examples may include national retailers such as: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters/Indigo; mass market retailers; independent bookstores; wholesalers; libraries; and gift accounts. If an outlet sells books, we’ll do our best to figure out a way sell to them, as appropriate for your Title!

How many publisher clients do you currently represent?

We are a private company and don’t disclose that information publicly, however, will be happy to discuss under non-disclosure.

Where are your warehouses located?

We utilize partnership arranged warehouse facilities around the country on an as-needed basis for GuidingLightBooks.com® clients.  Our headquarters are located in Centreville, VA.