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When I entered the financial planning world, my desire was to help clients better understand options in the financial world — that would in-turn help them best achieve their financial future and secure their legacy.

However, I quickly learned that educating clients cost me time. I didn’t mind as I love imparting knowledge, but I thought there must be a better way to teach those same lessons without taking my time to do it. Certainly, I was always available to help with the education process, but if I could leverage something else, that would educate clients and give me time, I would have taken it.

Additionally, I learned that women tend to need more financial education as their daily lives typically center on family, children and being a homemaker. My mother was the same way. And she could have used this video class.

You have now discovered a way to LEVERAGE your time and EDUCATE your client, so they will use you to solve their financial needs.

Here’s how it works.

You purchase a two year on-line subscription at the one-time cost of $995. You will be provided with credentials that you give to as many clients as you think would enjoy the class. They use your credentials to log in and learn.

The individual on-line purchase price is $119, which your client gets for free.

This subscription is a huge Value Add for your clients, and they will thank you for giving them the gift of education!

What Your Client Receives:

With your credentials, your client logs in and has full access to:

1 Syllabus

7 Video lessons

7 Bonus video lessons

1 Comprehensive workbook

1 eBook, A Woman’s Guide To Financial Planning

1 Your Family’s Guiding LightSM booklet


Watch the 2 minute introduction video here.


What other financial advisors are saying:

Joe, FiNET: Fantastic. My women clients love learning and absolutely enjoyed Shak’s presentation and stories. Because of one client feeling more comfortable with me as her trusted advisor, my first transaction after she watched the videos netted me over $2,000!

Steve, LPL: At first, I wasn’t sure if the videos would be valuable to my practice. I was skeptical. But after several of my lady clients thanked me for this video class, I have received three referrals. Shak was right, it didn’t cost me any time, but has rewarded me with the ability to help others, and increase my revenue.

Allison, RIA: As a woman, education is important to me and my clients. They loved the analogies that Shak uses to help educate on key financial concepts. Now, when I explain the need for a financial plan and estate planning documents, they “get it” and are eager to accept my advice to help them. A great win-win for me and my clients. Well done Shak!


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