Fish Oil and Pregnancy – Are Omega 3 Fatty Acids Good For Pregnancy?

The great benefits of fish oil has been proven by many scientific studies and can taken by kids and adults, however many women wonder if fish oil is safe to use during pregnancy. Some studies have shown that infants receive many benefits when breastfeeding women take omega 3 supplements.

But many women are still worry abut taking fish oil while the child is still in the womb. Studies reveal that it is safe to take omega 3 supplements during the second half of the pregnancy period. This means that during your first few months you should avoid taking it. Also keep in mind that you should take a specific dosage, dont take omega 3 in excess.

In a recent study it was shown that taking 4 grams of fish oil during pregnancy improves the brain function and hand eye coordination when the babies grow. However there are still many studies that have to be done in pregnant women, so it is not recommended that you take omega 3 in the first half of your period when the babies are in their critical development.

Take Only Purified Fish Supplements

However you should be aware that not all fish supplements are safe to take, the fish is usually infected with toxins, dioxins, PCBs and mercury from the ocean, so it needs to undergo a molecular distillation process. This process purifies the fish and separates the toxins that can harm your health.

Another important point is that there are some species of fish that are more clean and that contain the most essential fatty acids. The "Hoki" fish from the cold waters of New Zealand is one of the best, because it comes from clean waters.

There are many benefits of omega 3, our body needs those essential fatty acids to function properly and the brain is comprised of 60% fats. If you want to have children with an optimal health and development, fish oil is the best supplement they can get.

Source by Lauren J. Ronie

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