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The 7 Essential Ingredients for Your Best Financial RECIPE

A RECIPEEmpowering Women

Lesson Plans:

     1. A Desire to Leave a Legacy

Before you can move forward with creating a plan, you have to know who you are, where you are going and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. You will learn key strategies create an intentional legacy and Shak will show you how to leave a legacy of love and understanding.

     2. Recognizing the Need for a Plan

Women face unique challenges when it comes to money and finances. Fully, eighty to ninety percent of all women will one day be solely responsible for their money. Shak outlines clearly the three risks to all women, and why you must create a plan – and not delay.

     3. Evaluating Your Wants, Needs, Goals and Desires

A simple written plan outlining your life goals and your bucket list compels all of us to start planning. Paint a color picture of how your life, including retirement will look. Do you know the critical two questions you must answer before you can create a plan? And if you get this right, you will be sleeping very well at night!

     4. Courage For The Journey

Shak draws on over twenty years of financial knowledge to carefully walk you through the risk associate with investing. Learn ways to be a planner and not a gambler, as you control your risk and muster the courage you will need when the journey gets tough. Unlock the secret of controlled risk and your confidence will soar!

     5. Investments

You will start with building the foundation and work your way through putting the pieces together, in this unit, you will learn what the Vast Middles is, see a clock that doesn’t tell time and learn that a mutual fund is really just like a coffee cup. Many are confused about investments, and end up doing nothing. But Shak will take away the confusion as you begin to see your goals become a reality!

     6. Professional Management TeamShak Hill

The financial and estate planning world are very complicated. The federal government loves it when we make a financial mistake, because it is in their favor, not ours! Every sports team has players in different positions, you will need a professional to help you with your planning. And, learn why all professionals are not alike, and why you shouldn’t hire the wrong people.

     7. Estate Documents You Must Have

Do you know the three documents everyone must have? Or the six ways to say ‘I Love You’? Shak discusses the difference between a Will, a Health Care Directive and a Power of Attorney. Most importantly, why if you get the other six units right, and this one wrong, it could possibly be all for naught. These lessons just aren’t taught anywhere else, and you need to learn them today!

BONUS TRACKS | Empowering Women

     1. Annuities: The Veil Removed

     2. ETHICAL Process

     3. How Assets Transition to Heirs

     4. Important Insurance Discussion

     5. Trusts: Made Easy

     6. Understanding Professional Designations

     7. Understanding Your Retirement Account