Hiring an Estate Planner

The Internet has made it possible to shop for everything you could possibly need without leaving the house. You can even buy groceries online and pick them up at your convenience! It is also possible to write wills online. With such a convenience at your fingertips, why would you hire an actual estate planning attorney in Greenville, SC, or your area? The following article explains why something as important as your financial security and the financial security of your loved ones must be handled by an expert.

Why You Need an Estate Planner

Many people are quick to avoid legal fees and opt for online versions of what an estate planning attorney has to offer. While these options are quick, easy, and cheap, those are simply not the words you should use to describe the security of your financial future. Check out this list to learn why you need to hire an estate planner to protect your family and your finances in the near and far future:

  • An estate planner helps you stay in control: Whether you die unexpectedly or are suddenly incapacitated, a properly planned estate allows you to stay in control of your finances and, maybe more importantly, your own health care. A thorough estate plan outlines your final wishes as well as designates power of attorney to a person you trust to carry out your best wishes. You can opt for a thorough plan that plans for every contingency. It isn’t fair to ask your loved ones to make difficult decisions regarding your health, and an estate planner will help you to outline your wishes in a manner that leaves nothing to interpretation.
  • An estate planner helps you to distribute your assets as you wish: If you have no estate plan, all of your assets go into probate until the courts determine how to best distribute your assets. In most instances the money goes to a spouse, or to your children. But what if you are no longer married and do not wish to give money to your spouse? What if your child gets a divorce immediately following your death? This means that the ex is entitled to half of the inheritance you leave your child. However, with a carefully planned and executed will, you can distribute your money to whomever you wish, however you wish. 
  • An estate planner will help you to avoid unnecessary taxation: Many states require a death tax or a multitude of other taxes that you can actually avoid when you have an estate plan. This is a major reason to choose an actual estate planner rather than an online service, as your estate planner will have an intricate knowledge of estate law and taxation in your state.
  • An estate plan will protect your family members from the unnecessary: Dying without an estate plan makes your loved ones vulnerable to financial insecurity as well as unexpected taxes and fees. They may also incur unnecessary attorneys’ fees and court costs when they must fight to apportion assets that you failed to distribute for them. Nobody wants to think about their demise, but once your estate plan is in place, you will actually feel more positive and secure about your future than ever before. Having this plan in place means that you are able to carry out your final wishes, and possibly die in the manner that is preferable to you. Your estate plan also ensures that safety and prosperity of your loved ones, and protects them from financial strain and uncertainty. An essential component in this plan is your estate planning attorney in Greenville, SC, or your area.

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