Home Appraisal and its Essence to Home Buying Process

If you are planning to purchase a house or property, there are certain procedures in real estate industry that you have to learn before you venture into any transaction.  Home appraisal means the process used in a certain transaction to secure the welfare of two parties, the seller and the buyer.  Hence, before making any decision, it is best to follow the standard operating procedures to be able to achieve a successful result of your investment.

Home appraisal or commonly known as real estate appraisal or property valuation, is a process of assessing a certain property in order to identify its quality and right market value for sale.  It is essential to determine what the requirements of a certified appraiser are.

People assigned to appraise or the home appraisers go through an internship and extensive coursework to be able to get the certification imposed by various states under the real estate industry.  When you undergo the home buying process, valuation surveyors are considered to be third parties who do not have any financial relation with any of the parties involved in the deal.  These people are well trained to perform accurate and reliable appraisal reports that how the market value of the property done based on the whole structure of the house, potential issues found on its actual condition and other important related features that the appraiser discovers in his evaluation.

However, there is a major difference between the work done by the property surveyor and home inspector.  These two positions are often misunderstood by most of home buyers.  Basically, home inspectors are reliable individuals who accompany you when you visit the house in order to inspect the actual condition of the property.  They check areas and systems which are possibly problematic and need immediate repair.  These include plumbing, electrical connection, heating and essential parts of the house such as ceiling, kitchen, roofs, attics and a lot more.

Alternatively, home appraisers cover the general issues they may find but do not tackle all the details which home inspectors do.  They provide the whole market value and the expected average sales time of the property.  These people also cover assessment according to the appreciative value of the property based on where it is located.

Knowing how the appraisal method works can also be beneficial to those people who are planning to buy a house.  This will help them in verifying if they are given the appropriate market value by their appraiser.  The two most common methods are the sales comparison approach and the cost approach.  The former is done based on the idea that no two properties are completely the same.  The difference in the market value usually relies on the location of the house.  Thus, even if two properties are similar in its structure, the market value is still different based on the type of location.  One may find it more expensive because it is situated on a place where its appreciative value is increasing while the cheaper property is located on a less desirable place.

As for the cost approach, it applies to new houses where appraisers identify the market value based on the repair costs spent.  There might be damages that need immediate repairs or the structure has some problem areas that must be repaired. 

Home appraisal provides you the right assessment of the whole quality and value of the property to identify if the asking price is right or if you are a possible victim of an overpricing scam.

Source by Flynna Sarah

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