I'm Not in Love With My Husband Anymore – Help to Save Your Marriage

I’m not in love with my husband anymore isn’t an easy thing to admit to. It wasn’t for me and for most women in the same situation it’s just as troubling. After investing many years into a marriage it’s heartbreaking to come to the realization that you’re not feeling as close or connected to your spouse anymore. If you’re anything like me you’ve considered divorce as an option. In my case, I didn’t want to lose what my husband and I had built. I wanted to find a way to rekindle the passion we shared and get back to an emotional place where I was in love with him.

Loving someone and being in love with them truly are two separate emotions. Many people view them as the same thing, but if you’ve said to yourself, I’m not in love with my husband anymore but I love him, you know exactly how different the feelings are. Being in love has a romantic connotation to it, and simply loving him can result in you two ending up living more as roommates or co-parents than married lovers.

You can’t will yourself to love your husband again. It just doesn’t work that way. You can open yourself up to the idea of falling in love again. Doing this is actually not as challenging as it seems and should start with you taking stock of what’s changed in the relationship. Think back to the man he was when you did fall in love with him. If you feel he’s changed because of all the stress or added pressures in his life now, do what you can to help alleviate some of that.

Remind yourself that when you did fall in love with him, he was the man of your dreams. You were likely more willing to forgive him for his bad habits. If that’s changed and you now find yourself nagging him or being annoyed by small things he does, try and change that view. Instead of pointing out what he’s doing that you find unappealing, start complimenting him on the things you do enjoy about him. It can go a long way to helping you see him in a new, positive light.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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