John Clark

Husband and father of nine children

Author John Clark maintains a unique family perspective and covers topics which affect nearly all dads. His book How to Be A Superman Dad In A Kryptonite World that seemingly attacks the family, especially the father from all directions; is portrayed in a different light.  John brings out the beauty of just being a Dad, even when you can’t afford a decent cape!

John makes the words dance off the pages and as you’re entertained with stories — you will see a glimpse of yourself.

John cleverly conveys his new observations and encourages all Dads to find the joys of being a father. This delightful and often funny work will make you laugh out loud — and think of ways to survive your kryptonite world!

Whether you homeschool or not, this funny, entertaining and insightful work is a must read for all fathers.

Purchase a copy today!  It would make for a wonderful Father’s Day gift.




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