Keys to Becoming a Successful Financial Planner

Currently working with one of the most trusted financial companies, Mathew Hudson wants to share his experience with finance enthusiasts. He also aims to encourage marketing and economics grads and professionals to consider studying financial planning for advanced and stable career opportunities.

Mathew was working as a marketing executive with a financial investment firm, after completing his three-year diploma program in business marketing at Centennial College, Toronto. As he was working under one of the very successful financial advisors, he developed a keen interest in carving financial roadmaps for individuals and companies. Though he was happy working as a marketing professional, he realized that financial consulting was something that he was really interested in.

He was so inclined towards this profession that he left his job and enrolled in a financial planning certificate program. This time also he chose Centennial College’s School of Business. His previous experience with the college was amazing; so he decided to stick to it for higher education as well. He joined his current organization after graduating from the college.

His career graph is reaching new heights with each passing year since then. Excitedly enough, he shares his keys to becoming a successful financial advisor. Here, take a look:

1. Specialized education plays a crucial role

Though Mathew was working under a very successful financial advisor, but he thinks that going back to the college is more beneficial than sticking to your job and expecting to learn side by side. The reason being, you are more focussed and you get your basics right. He also thinks that he wouldn’t be able to climb the career ladder so fast, if he had not attended college. So, he supports continuing education on any given day. If you are also interested in becoming a financial planner, you should also consider enrolling in a financial planning program.

2. Obtaining a license is mandatory

Passing a financial program is not sufficient. Practicing as a financial planner in Canada or anywhere in the world requires you to obtain a license from the regulatory authority. So, you will have to write CFP FPE1 exam to be fully licensed with MFDA. Without a license, you can’t legally practice your profession.

3. Maintain a Clear Vision

Advisors are those people who maintain a clear vision and know exactly what to do in a particular situation. They are expected to know what needs to be done to live a financial vision. Staying focussed and keeping a track of the latest financial trends allows you to do better in your career.

4. Don’t be afraid of failures

Making mistakes and falling down only means you have another chance to get up and rise again. These are humble reminders that you also are a human being and there is something new to learn always. So, don’t ever think that you know it all. Of course, you are an expert in your field but then you also need to learn continuously to stay in business for long.

According to Mathew, going back to college not only helps brushing your skills but also in acquiring new skills. And you must never miss that chance.

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