Protect Your Liver With Artichoke Extract

The artichoke is a member of the milk thistle family and first came to the attention of researchers in 1966 (in a study that supported its effect on liver regeneration in rats). Artichoke leaf extracts have demonstrated great benefits and potential as an antioxidant and hepatoprotective. The extracts have also exhibited immunity advantages in regard to the gallbladder with the ability to stimulate the secret of bile in the liver.

Akin to milk thistle, artichoke extract is also able to stimulate regeneration of damaged liver tissue. The value of artichoke for preventing or reducing buildup of fat in the liver from chronic alcohol consumption is significant. Cynarin, which is a caffeoylquinic acid and a chief constituent of the extract, was discovered to be responsible for the main cell-protective action. The investigations of hepatoprotective action in the US have been done only in animals, as the normal procedure involves exposure to toxins. The central research method for this type of investigation is to administer the test substance (in this case the artichoke leaf extract) to the animal just before or simultanously with the administration of a toxic substance and observe the results. A study done in 1987 by Adzet used carbon tetrachloride as the toxin. The use of artichoke leaf extract clearly indicated an apportion reduction of liver injury.

Recognizing the significance of adequate bile flow for health, German researchers set out to verify the earlier findings of bile promoting effects of the artichoke plant in a controlled double-blind study on healthy volunteers. The participants were provided a one-time dose of artichoke extract or a placebo, and their bile discharge was measured over the course of several hours. The bile secretion was found to be sizably higher in the group that received the artichoke extract. An additional open label study was done on 417 volunteers with liver or bile duct disease. The majority of these participants had longstanding symptoms, some for countless years. They were all given artichoke leaf extract for approximately four weeks.

Following a one week period, 70% of the patients experienced improvement of their symptoms, and the percentage went up to 85% three weeks later. Artichoke leaf extract has demonstrated to be safe and natural way to preserve and improve general health due to its numerous applications to essential physiological functions. In addition, as a nutritional supplement and antioxidant, it can safely be used.

As a rule, the majority of the research on artichoke has been done with a German extract that contains 3% caffeylquinic acids. A recent and even more potent extract of 15% caffeoylquinic acids-calculated as chlorogenic acid is now available on the American market. Researchers all over the world are investigating it for applications in areas such as diabetes, cancer and HIV. Artichoke leaf extract has demonstrated to be a safe and natural method to help your liver and can be used harmlessly as an addition to conventional therapies.

Source by Judy Phillips

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