Quit Smoking – Using Clear Language To Achieve Your Goal

Words have enormous power to help, to damage, to confuse or to clarify. Out tone can mean we are being genuine or sarcastic, this must be extremely confusing for people trying to learn our language.

We make it even harder by speaking in metaphors, which would make no sense at all to a learner of English.

A smoker is at a crossroads in their lives. That has two meanings, of course you are not standing in the middle of the road but you are at a point where your life can go in a couple of directions depending on what choice you make.

We can create an equally confusing internal conversation. E.g. you might say ” I will try to quit smoking” You may even say this out loud with great conviction and your conscious mind is completely focused.

But the term “try” implies failure to your unconscious mind, to try and pick up a pencil means you will attempt to but not succeed. If your intention is to pick up the pencil then you simply declare that you “will pick up the pencil” and it will happen.

Remember Yoda in Star Wars telling Luke to “try not to do, but to do”

Another point of clarity is to be very clear about why you want to quit.

Because it’s bad for me, or I guess I should quit, or my family wants me to quit, these kinds of reasons are weak and they won’t help you to quit at all.

But if you said “I will quit because my lungs are suffering, and I can’t breathe easily and I definitely don’t want to get lung cancer because it will be so painful for me and my family and friends, and I don’t want to waste my life being ill”

This statement has a lot of power, and clarity and will drive you on to quitting, so that when you attend your quit smoking hypnosis you will be 100% focused on becoming a non-smoker.

Even when you look into your future it is dangerous to say things like ” I don’t know how I will manage without cigarettes, or I won’t know what to do with my hands” etc.

How about seeing the future and simply saying “Life will be so much better as a non-smoker, it is so much easier to breathe, and I have lots of extra cash in my pocket each week.

Think clearly and speak clearly and quitting will be easier.

Source by Ian Newton

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