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Shak Hill, Certified Financial Planner® Professional | Chartered Life Consultant | Chartered Financial Consultant

Shak loves to teach and add value to understanding! Even though he holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance, Shak is able to explain the sometimes complicated financial world and making it easy to understand. He loves to enhance the overall level of understanding of financial planning and the importance of creating your unique financial recipe.

Another area of great concern to Shak is to help those who have been diagnosed with serious medical conditions, like cancer or a need for organ transplants. Shak’s wife Robin is a very healthy bone cancer survivor, after an initial diagnoses of six months to live. Shak is an organ donor and on the national bone marrow transplant list. He donates blood every 56 days, without fail. He has been there; he has walked in your shoes; let him help you and your family.

A gifted speaker, Shak is available for presentations to your group about updated and timely financial topics. He is often been asked to be speaker including topics like working with the widow and the importance of understanding the challenges she faces, and also the importance of financial planning when the doctor has said there is cancer or life threatening diagnosis.

Shak is a father of six and has been a foster father to forty-six children. He and Robin live in Centreville, VA.


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    Every Life Matters  Reclaim American Fatherhood





“The 7 Essential Ingredients For Your Best Financial RECIPE”


Video Series Introduction (2 minutes)

When Shak’s mom was on her own, she made some financial decisions that would prove to have not been in her long-term best interest.

Are you widowed, or divorced? Do you want to learn more about financial planning — or know someone who does?

Then you will love this video course!

Shak has created a comprehensive course even the Dave Ramsey Show would enjoy. If you feel like you’re investing for dummies with questions on how to start investing, or how to create a financial plan, this course is for you! How have your protected yourself from running out of money? Do you know the three threats to every woman’s finances, or the two most important questions to start your plan with, or the 7 Essential Ingredients to create your financial plan? With over 3 1/2 hours of instruction, a companion workbook, and 2 more hours of bonus tracks, you will become well equipped to build a financial plan that ensures your dreams come true!

Shak Hill and Dave Ramsey are not affiliated in any way.





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