Reclaim American Fatherhood


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Be prepared to be thrilled when you listen to Shak Hill.  As a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, combat pilot, former elected official including candidate for the United States Senate in Virginia, Shak brings wonderful and unique insights to life, and life’s adventures. His presentations are hard hitting, straight to the point and powerful reminders that we need to take hold of life if we are to use God’s gifts and talents.


As foster parents, Robin and Shak have fostered 46 children since 1997. They have seen firsthand the devastating effect of fatherless homes.


But you don’t have to be foster parents to notice these effects. From the role that major media plays, including movies, books, and TV shows, to the civil unrest we are experiencing in our society, fatherhood is seriously being threatened.


Shak details where we have come, where we are, and the practical solutions to Reclaim American Fatherhood.




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