Redcoats and Rebels


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The place is Colonial America. The time is April, 1775. The shot heard round the world has been fired by a British Redcoat, and an American Rebel has died. Little known villages like Concord and Lexington have become famous, for it is here that the first blood has been spilled. It is from here that the winds of war are beginning to blow. America is divided into two distinct camps. In one are Englishmen, living in America, who still swear allegiance to England, their Mother Country. In the other, are Americans living in America, who long to shed the bonds of foreign dominance and enjoy self rule. This is a time of turmoil and unrest, a time when patriotism runs rampant, patriotism for two different causes. It is a time that is destined to pit brother against brother, and father against son. It is a time when wrongs are right and rights are wrong. It is time when the soft sounds of liberty, a liberty that many call rebellion, have begun to gather on the wind. It is a time when only partisans live in America.

Paperback 571 pp.

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