Andrea T. in VA – April 23, 2017

A Woman’s Guide to Financial Planning (by Shak Hill) is FABULOUS!!

It is an answer to many-a-woman’s prayers and fears. I myself have always been single, and so the world of financial planning has been this untouchable mystery, since I was raised to expect the finances to be “the man’s job” in a family.

Thank you, Shak, for writing with Compassion, Vision and Purpose, to help women’s lives improve through a Financial Foundation. This brings confidence and peace of mind, and eventually Liberty — to live the life we each seek for ourself! He shows how to stay Calm & Steady during economic turbulence, and how to avoid potential disasters in the changing markets. Thank you, Shak, for diminishing my anxiety, and truly being a GUIDING LIGHT in this daunting financial world!

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