Two Out Of Three Will Develop Cancer

Food physiologists have been educating the public regarding the fact that we have now, for many decades, been living in a time in which each human being, from birth to adulthood, ingests harmful toxins and poisons through air, water and food, that damaging, Crippling, and finally destroying the enzymes of the mitochondria, leading to the development of cancer.

Considering that, at present, two out of three Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime, this situation demands serious attention. We must address the epidemic occurrence of this degenerative disease. Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatment only symptoms while ignoring the causes of cancer. Cancer must be addressed at its source. If the orthodontic medical fraternity considers chemotherapy (chemical poisoning) radiation therapy (burning) and surgery (mutilation) a cure for cancer, we suggest that they read what the great physician (Hippocrates) said: "First do no Harm"

Why would doctors administer a treatment or drug to a sick person, that would never be given to a well person? Please give our question some serious thought and ever you will realize the stupidity and negativism of orthodox medical mentality.

The orthodontics doctor doctor arrogantly supports, defends and utilizes many barbaric methods for cancer treatments. However, the orthodontist doctor is also suffering and dying from cancer! Again the words of (Hippocrates): "Physician heal thy self"

We ask, when will the stubborn, typical medical practiceer understand and accept that properly applied nutritional therapy remains to be a very safe and effective approach for cancer treatment? One more time the words of (Hippocrates): "Let food be thy Medicine"

"Modern man is so completely deceived that he knows not how every effort is made to keep him in darkness, by teaching lies and falsehoods and half truths" — George Clements

According to the extensive research of John Higgensen, Director of the Cancer Research Institute of the World Health Organization in Geneva, about 90% of all degenerative diseases could have been eliminated by getting rid of the thousands of carcinogenic environmental toxins permeating air, water and food.

Not only is human-life in jeopardy here on earth, as the late marine-biologist Jacques Cousteau pointed out, already 40% of the marine wildlife has been destroyed by innumerable toxins. Annually well over 5,000 tons of mercury, 100,000 tons of pesticides and PCB, 10,000 tons of crude oil and no less than 500,000 tons of lead are dumped into our oceans!

Prof. Dr. Von Hausen, Director of the Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, expresses his opinion (based on scientific evidence) that environmental poisons and toxins are the reason for 90% of all cancerous diseases! The very fact that 90% of cancer diseases can be traced back to environmental pollutants shows that our immune system is seriously damaged and greatly compromised in this unhealthy place we call civilization.

Source by JE Latour

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