Why Financial Planning is Essential for Women?

Financial planning is different for women than to men as women have different needs in their life. Every decision you make has a financial planning component to it, for example go for a trip, buy a diet book, watch a movie, your kid’s education & etc, all these cost money. Money plays a big part in our lives. Not having enough money is a scary thing, but that fear can either be motivating or crippling. Only you decide which it will do to you.

As a woman, you need to understand your financial situation and learn more about money. You need to do more than just balance the checkbook and pay the bills. Here are some facts about women:

* Women live longer than men; in average women live 7 years longer than men; hence, women need to plan for longer retirement period.
* In general, women earn less than men, even though with the very same job.
* Based on recent statistic, 50% of women failed in their marriage and the average of widowhood is 56.
* 90% of women become wholly responsible for their finance at some point during their lifetime.
* The jobs market turn over rates are high for women. More women are out of the job market and spend in average of 11.5 years caring for children or an elderly relative.
* Most women lack of knowledge to adequately plan for retirement.
* For most women, social security is the only source of retirement benefits and many found it does not enough to support their retirement period.

Sound like a scary statistic. You need to understand that you as a woman have difference financial needs than men, always start your financial planning as early as you get started your first job. Things that you need to do so that you have a better control in your financial are:

* Learn about money; you can control it if you do not know about it. Hence, the first thing you should do is learn about money such as how to earn it, save it, double it with investment, protect it, keep it along to and then pass it to your next generation.
* Plan for a retirement fund is an important task in your financial planning process. You should start to plan for your retirement as early as your first job because you may not have the luxury 40 years in a career to save for your retirement fund.
* Learn how to get away from bad debts and how to use good debts to increase your net worth.
* Know your financial situation all the time and take charge of it. And after you are getting marriage, you need to share in managing your family’s finances.
* Get to know how social security is fitted into your retirement plan.
* Always find the answers on what you don’t know about money.

In summary

Every decisions you make as a woman will have a financial planning component to it. Hence, financial planning is essential for women; you should always learn up the skills needed to plan you financial and make good financial decisions and be successful.

Source by Cornie Herring

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