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GuidingLightBooks.com® is a boutique book publisher focused only on positive and uplifting works seeking to add value and inspiration in a world often surrounded by confusion and darkness.

You have reached your destination if you’re in search for the type of  boutique book publisher who will help you to bring your work to life.  Or if you are looking for quality products written specifically to enhance and uplift your life, this is the uplifting book destination you seek.

GuidingLightBooks.com® is a unique boutique book publisher that offers tailored services to meet your needs.  The value also comes from the exclusive relationship.  GuidingLightBooks.com® acts as your official vendor, handling inventory management and relationships with resellers across the industry, including A/R management. On a case by case basis, we offer customization to meet your publishing needs, many publishers offer one size to fit all.

A key advantage; our Full Service Distribution provides comprehensive back-end support that includes warehousing, order fulfillment, billing and collection, customer service and the option of sales support. Publishers who want to maintain control of their sales, marketing and accounting can partner with GuidingLightBooks.com® for logistics services and on case by case basis; including warehousing, print on demand, and optional e-book distribution.

We offer digital distribution through GuidingLightBooks.com®, a fast growing, soon to be industry leading digital asset management and distribution platform and through other major publishing networks. With GuidingLightBooks.com®, your e-books can be made available to over one hundred e-retailers and libraries across the globe, including Amazon, Apple, and others. These services are available as a stand-alone option, or can be integrated with our print distribution programs. Learn more about Ingram’s digital distribution options.

Let the team at Guiding Light Books help you to achieve the success you deserve!

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