Frank Stitely

Frank is a humorous CPA. Now wait a minute. Most of us have never heard of such a thing. Well, it is true with Frank. As someone who was never supposed to be a CPA, Frank comes to the written world with a flavor all his own, and it is not what many would consider to be CPA-bland. 

Even though he is now the managing member of a very successful practice in Northern Virginia (since 1991), just off of Hwy 28 and Hwy 50 in Chantilly, don’t let this trick you into believing that he is just a numbers guy. Not true. His is also a father that has learned some hard knocks when it comes to the tax law, but for us here, when it comes to helping his children select a college they will be successful in, to prepare them for the world. As Frank wants to put it, “the better prepared they are for the world, the better the odds they wont come back and live in the basement.”

If you are in search of that perfect college and you need some motivation to get it right, then you will enjoy reading from the lessons that Frank provides, in, well, a rather interesting and always entertaining way.


I am a genius, or at least I was at age seventeen. I was a top student in a mid-size high school in a small town, who wanted to major in physics. Einstein, Feynman, and Newton were all beneath me. Surely, I would discover the magic of cold fusion or time travel that eluded them. I had the world by the balls, except the world didn’t know it.

Two years after graduating from high school, I flunked out of an Ivy League school, forsaking physics for a fabulous job in the retail food industry. I stocked grocery shelves at night. And…I stocked those shelves far better than Einstein, Feynman, and Newton combined. What went wrong? A more honest way to frame the question is, “How did I screw up my college choice?”

And you will find your answer to not screw up your child’s choice (and save you money in the process – a lot of money!).

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