James Atticus Bowden

Jim is a writer.  His story of going from grieving to gratitude is powerful.  The Lord Jesus Christ makes great loss become greater gratitude.

Awful grief can beget awesome gratitude.  Death of a loved one stops the survivor cold.  Then, the survivor goes through the universal, common human event of grieving as a uniquely individual experience.  C.S. Lewis gave his devoutly Christian perspective in “A Grief Observed.” 

Jim speaks to the unexpected physical and emotional aspects of grief in “A Grief Felt.”  His experiences after losing his wife of 38 years will speak to anyone who lost someone they loved with their whole heart.   He shares the thoughts, feelings, and effects that continued for over four years.  “A Grief Felt” is the story of deep grieving becoming great gratitude to the Lord God.    

Jim became a widower in December 2013.  Katherine, his wife of 38 years, died suddenly.  Soon thereafter, while reading “A Grief Observed” for the third time in his life, he realized he must write about the differences in his grieving.  He had to give a more physical and emotional perspective to grieving.  “A Grief Observed” came together in the 5th year of grieving. 

Jim, the father of three children and grandfather of six, is a retired U.S. Army officer and Defense consultant. Also, he taught as an Assistant Professor at the United States Military Academy and Adjunct Faculty at the College of William and Mary. He has written over one thousand pieces since 9-11 including “Rosetta 6.2” – a novel.

Jim is the President of the Virginia First Foundation.


A Grief Felt

God multiplies the human heart of those grieving to
love more than the ones lost. Deep grief which expresses
deep love can still, miraculously, be multiplied by more
and more love – agape, philos, storge, and eros. In God’s
Will, a greater giving of self while grieving can bring
wonderful peace, joy, and contentment. Grief, whose
shadow never leaves, steps aside for great gratitude.
Indeed, good grieving can guarantee that “God never
wastes our sufferings.”

Rosetta 6.2

What is the mystery of the rose cinqufoil?

How can it save America?

America 2012: The Islamist Terrorists and Illegal Drug Lords are allies and gaining strength. The government’s response to terrorism and crime is a growing police state. The government is corrupt. Jack Tillman, a NASA computer security analyst, stumbles on a secret plan – Rosetta 6.2. Jack is pulled into the plan with six very diverse, courageous people to defeat the Islamists, the Drug Lords and win the Culture War. They face their fears trying to live long enough to find answers to the vital questions. How can Rosetta 6.2 work? Can Rosetta 6.2 really crush the Narco-Islamist Terrorists? How can the Drug War be won – really? Will it push the U.S. Culture War into a Second American Civil War? Who wins? Sharing the danger, Jack learns why these people of faith are compelled to do what is right. Jack Tillman must make his own lifetime and eternal decisions.



Jim would jump at the chance to speak to your group in person, or remotely, about “A Grief Felt.”

Formerly, Jim was a guest lecturer for the Thayer Leadership Development Group.  His ideas grew from “The Uses of History” to develop a “Uses of Futures.”   Jim has several modules which can be tailored to different audiences.

Invite Jim to speak with your group.