Terry Beatley

My life changed forever when I shook 83-year-old Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s hand sealing a promise I made him in his final months: I promised to deliver his personal parting message to all of America and teach the strategy of how he intentionally deceived our judges, legislators, clergy, doctors and millions of mothers and fathers.

His face spoke of deep remorse for having led the effort to decriminalize abortion which stripped all rights and protections from the unborn child.

‘Dr. Nathanson. . . If you have something to tell America, I promise I will carry it across our nation.’

The terminally-ill doctor looked up at me and revealed something every American should know. If we respond to Dr. Nathanson’s request, abortion will become a thing of the past.

How does one keep such an extravagant promise? Join me in the extraordinary journey of the past seven years and become part of the fulfillment of this promise as your life, too, will be changed forever by the stories in this book.”


Terry is president of Hosea Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing healing truth to a broken world. Hosea Initiative fulfills its mission by teaching the impact of secular humanism’s worldview that misled a Christian culture to abandon its historic protection of unborn life.  By telling the story of healing through the conversion of Dr. Bernard Nathanson from America’s “Abortion King” to forgiven Christian, Hosea Initiative lights the path to healing.

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What Others Are Saying:

“With a powerful inside look at a sinister industry, What If We’ve Been Wrong? is a must read that the millennial generation should not miss!”

—Helena Ramirez

Recognized as 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Law and Policy & 2015 Washington, D.C.

“Leaders of the Future” by Latino Leaders Magazine


“Terry Beatley’s work shines a bright light on the destructive seeds that have caused the coarsening of culture by devaluing life. Read and be more equipped to lead the restoration of America.”

—Thomas P. McDevitt

Chairman, Washington Times


“Terry was tasked by the cofounder of NARAL—Dr. Bernard Nathanson—to teach the truth of how he used propaganda to deceive Supreme Court justices, legislators and the American public. He equipped Terry with the truth. Now it’s our turn to listen, learn and respond to the truth.”

—Reverend Paul Scalia, Episcopal Vicar for Clergy, Diocese of Arlington

VIDEOS and Articles


How America Was Deceived Into Accepting Abortion

Before he died, Dr. Bernard Nathanson – the Co-Founder of NARAL – told Terry Beatley why he converted to the pro-life cause and how he deceived America.



The untold story of America’s ‘abortion king’ – and one woman’s mission to share his pro-life conversion

From this LifeSiteNews.com article, you have the opportunity to enjoy an 8 minute video about Terry’s efforts and the Hosea Initiative.




Keeping My Promise to America’s “Abortion King”

Terry speaks at the Family Research Council’s Speaker Series about efforts to legalize abortion and how, after killing more than 60,000 babies, Dr. Nathanson had a profound conversion after seeing the pre-born baby on an ultrasound.






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