John Clark

Husband and father of nine children,

and Catholic Coffee Snob!

Author John Clark maintains a unique family perspective and covers topics which affect nearly all dads. His book How to Be A Superman Dad In A Kryptonite World that seemingly attacks the family, especially the father from all directions; is portrayed in a different light.  John brings out the beauty of just being a Dad, even when you can’t afford a decent cape!

John makes the words dance off the pages and as you’re entertained with stories — you will see a glimpse of yourself.

John cleverly conveys his new observations and encourages all Dads to find the joys of being a father. This delightful and often funny work will make you laugh out loud — and think of ways to survive your kryptonite world!

Whether you homeschool or not, this funny, entertaining and insightful work is a must read for all fathers.

Purchase a copy today!  It would make for a wonderful Father’s Day gift.


How To Be A Superman Dad In A Kryptonite World

Well-known Catholic homeschooling father, John Clark amuses and inspires with his observations of family life and the joys of being Dad. John’s unique perspective as husband and father of nine children covers topics that affect nearly all dads. In a kryptonite world that attacks the family from all directions, John brings out the beauty of just being a Dad – even when you can’t afford a decent cape! Read what others are saying here! Soft cover. 9×6 Inches. 179 pages.

Who’s Got You?

From the unique perspective of a father of nine children, covering topics that affect nearly all dads, ranging from Little League, to cooking, to driving children all over the place, Clark explains why, as a Catholic father, you should be “laughing instead of crying.” In an age shirking away from the responsibilities of fatherhood, he illustrates why authentic fatherhood is so important and how it can be so rewarding. Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Softcover. 148 pp.


You will enjoy John’s weekly blog at the National Catholic Register.


Enjoy the entire video, but John starts at 20:25 discussing his children and the reason he homeschools!

John discusses the Catholic Man!