Jennifer Bennett

Navy Yard Shooting Survivor

“I’m a warrior and a survivor.”

On September 16, 2013, Navy Yard building 197 was under attack by one of their own. The headquarters for Naval Sea Systems Command, referred to in Navy-speak as “NAV-SEA,” became a battle zone. Gunman Aaron Alexis roamed the building, the corridors and the stairwell looking for anyone to shoot – and kill.

Self described “warrior and survivor,” Jennifer would have none of it. “God gave me a hymn that morning. He had never done that before.” Jennifer would be humming, “All is well with my soul…” when she reached the stairwell landing “between decks” and encountered Alexis scantly eight paces in front of her…

Jennifer is telling her story. More here>> And watch out, she is not holding anything back. “God left me here for a purpose. My job is to fulfill that.” And part of that fulfillment is in the form of a book (coming out in the beginning of 2018) and speaking with groups.

Read the FRONT PAGE Washington Post 2014 story about Jennifer. Inspirational!

Would you like Jennifer to speak with your business or church group? You will be impressed with her candor, her strength and her faith. Your audience will be inspired by her, will take head-on any task at hand, and will learn not to fall into the trap of being a victim. Also, consider ordering her book, Standing Still in a Culture of Mass Shootings and be inspired there as well. Learn more about Jennifer at


Cover of Standing Still in a Culture of Mass Shootings. Jennifer stands still at the exact location in the stairwell where she was shot.

Standing Still

In A Culture of Mass Shootings

On September 16, 2013, an armed gunman killed twelve people at the Washington Navy Yard and seriously injured another — me.  Thousands of people were working at the Washington Navy Yard that day.  Many witnessed terrible and shocking events.  Many heroically saved lives.  Each one of them has a story to tell.  Each one is on his or her own journey.

This is the story of an American, but it is also the story of America.  Because it is not just about the events that led up to September 16th, it is about the America that led up to September 16th.  If the reader will indulge me, it is my view of how things have changed in America since the days of my youth, and the youth of my ancestors.  In America, when we try to address problems, we often tend to be forward-looking.  And there is some virtue in that.  But being forward-looking requires, ironically, looking at the past.  The past is what defines and shapes us. 

This is my survivor story, and how God played a personal role in it.



Don’t call her a victim. Jennifer is a survivor and a believer in the power of faith. She is a sought after key-note speaker, not because of what happened to her, but because of how she spreads her message of hope, survival and resilience.

Be prepared to be amazed.




Monday September 16, 2013, started the work week off normally, until Jennifer heard “pop, pop, pop.” The fire alarm went off and down the stairwell to evacuate the building. The shooter was waiting. Jennifer would stare down the double barrel sawed-off shotgun, a scant ten paces away.