When the Doctor Says It’s Cancer

“When the Doctor Says It’s Cancer”

A Caring Financial Plan for Life

You have the power to have a legacy of Love, Information and Understanding. OR, you have the power not too.

Cancer is no longer a death sentence, but it should be a wake-up call! This book is full of wonderful planning techniques and hidden jewels that will allow your legacy to be the one you desire. And, who knows when that will be!

When my wife Robin was diagnosed with a rare form of bone-cancer, she was given six months to live and a 10% chance of survival. in 1993, the doctors told us to “get our affairs in order.” Well, needless to say, I had no idea what that meant. Obviously, because we didn’t even have a will!

Today, Robin lives a vibrant life. Today, we also have our will, and our financial plan in order!

I know the focus is on beating your diagnosis. I totally get that. But this book Cancer What Next? will help you sure up your legacy and create a plan for life! I have been there. This book is the answer. Let it be yours too.